A Personal Approach to Landscaping

It takes everything in my power to walk out of Lowe’s or The Home Depot without a plant. One of these days, very soon, I will give in and buy $50 worth of plants – half of which will not survive past July. But for now,  I walk around my neighborhood to see what everyone else is doing in their yard.

The first home I visited today is just a couple houses down from my own. I walk past this lovely home almost daily and was happy to get to meet the owner who kindly let me take this picture. What I especially liked about this yard was the entrance to the front door. When I walked through the lush, tunnel-like entrance, it gave me a childlike feeling – like I just found a great little hiding spot. There were statues, a sitting area and a cat nestled in some grass. It oozed personality.

I continued down the road and spoke with a few more people. Through our brief conversations about landscaping, I got a glimpse of the diverse personalities that make up this neighborhood.

I look forward to getting my hands in some soil and making a statement of my own.

Follow this link to find native plants that thrive in the Gainesville area http://www.floridayards.org/fyplants/index.php






One comment on “A Personal Approach to Landscaping

  1. Nice ivy wall and great huge cactus on the right. This yard is very inviting. Love your blog! More, please, especially on these Duck Pond landscapes.


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