Home Is

…the smell of brewing coffee, legos on the floor, spontaneous dancing, a soft robe, slow evenings, half painted canvases, shared meals, the breeze of a cool fan in the summer, the wave of a neighbor, a place to cry, a shared blanket, a fired up grill, uninhibited silliness, acceptance, discovery, love – always love.

The walls that contain me frequently change, but home will always be the same.

What’s home to you?

One comment on “Home Is

  1. I love your home….
    I think home is also with those I love, wherever the walls may be. I long for home to be peace and tranquility, gentleness, joy, welcoming, kindness. These things are expressed in so many ways. Carrying a pot of coffee to my sister every morning, sharing a glass of wine after a long day, enjoying nature outside my window, chatting with my neighbors, having my world light up with grand kids walking in the door. Walls with photo’s of family and travels. Everything I look upon holds meaning. And yes, as you put it so very beautifully… Always love.

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