Marshmallow Pillows and Doggies and Cats.


When kids were asked what their dream home would be like, these are some of the answers I got.

“A robot to do my homework. I would want it to have mountains, a long backyard, a long road to get to us, a shower outside, a hot tub outside and a short house. And that’s it……and to have stairs.” – Hunter 7

“Hmm..a playground house with all of the doggies and all of the cats! – Harper  3

“Maybe it would have a star on top. I want a doggie in the house too. I want a big yard and flowers in the yard. It has lights and flower pots. And they have a little, small pond, that no crocodiles live in, only fishes. It needs chairs and puppy beds. And cat food. I needs grass. It needs a chimey. The roof is going to be purple, the rest of the house is going to be pink. A BIG house! There needs to be books too” – Elise 3

“A candy house that is made out of candy that doesn’t melt next to a lake. With pillows that are marshmallows. With a puppy.” – Addisyn 9

“I would like a big house, with lots of trees, so we can have lot of hammocks. And be close to my school, so I can just walk. And my room be filled with Legos.” – Orlando 5

“A giant dome with lots of apartments. Mine would be apartment 411” – Wesley 6

“Pink!” Charlotte 3

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